7 Trends That Will Define 2024

The new year is here, and slews of Instagram and TikTok lists confidently declared which trends will thrive and which will die. Minimalism, bows and a clean-girl aesthetic are out, while sobriety, podcasts and gardening are in. Meanwhile, a revival of the floral motif, gilded fringing and leather barn jackets are poised to transform our closets. Here, seven 2024 trends that will define 2024.

Seeing Double

While the 2023 maxi skirt trend is still very much in, this year’s hemlines are getting longer and fuller, with a cheerleader-esque silhouette that designers from Molly Goddard to Staud have embraced. Moreover, this season’s most popular look may just be the see-through silhouette. Peruse search results from fashion-forward brands such as Prada and Rei Kawakubo, and you’ll find that searches for “sheer dresses” are up by 64%.

A more polished take on the classic preppy aesthetic is quietly gaining traction, with looks that exude high-quality materials and impeccable tailoring without the blazing branding of logo-heavy streetwear or luxury labels. Called “quiet luxury,” the style is characterized by a sleek aesthetic and sophisticated fabrics. It’s a great complement to 2024’s other big fashion trend, which is a more refined take on the shabby chic aesthetic.

In a world of political and economic turbulence, many leaders are on forced-applied brakes while emerging markets hit the gas pedal. As the global economy shifts gears, businesses will need to adapt and evolve their strategy. In 2024, watch for an uptick in M&A activity and an upswing in collaborations as companies seek out fresh talent and opportunities to grow.

Grandmillennial, cottagecore and vintage are back with a vengeance, but this year we’ll see more of a crossover into gender-neutral styles. Think pastel pinks, polka dots and cherry reds. Likewise, large-scale patterns like chintz and heavy geometrics are in, as is eclectic grandpa style (think retro streetwear and chic cardigans).

The new year’s business landscape will be defined by an ever-growing need to embrace inclusivity. As the pace of change accelerates, employees will seek new ways to balance work and life. As a result, it’s likely that more companies will make remote work more flexible and adopt new approaches to staffing. Additionally, they’ll be experimenting with tools to foster a healthy workplace culture and drive innovation. The lightning-fast rise of generative AI is another major trend to watch in 2024. As it gains traction, the technology will transform how teams collaborate and enable them to more effectively work together in real time. It will also help to better understand customer behavior and empower the workforce with actionable insights that improve efficiency and increase profitability.