Choosing a Cartridge Heater Manufacturer

When choosing a cartridge heater, the quality of the coil is of paramount importance. The coil is the part of the cartridge heater that holds the electric current and heats the substance or liquid that is placed on it. You should choose a cartridge heater manufacturer who values the quality of its coils. This will help you get the most efficient heater for your needs.

Rama Corporation

Rama Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of heating elements in the United States. Their heating elements are trusted by many companies, including home owners, businesses, and medical facilities. As a result, the company’s name is synonymous with quality. Its products are designed to perform at peak efficiency for years.

In addition to manufacturing electric heaters, Rama Corporation also provides thermal probes for heat-staking processes. The company caters to a variety of industries, including automotive, packaging, medical equipment, food processing, tire manufacturing, and more.


Whether your process calls for a high-density or low-density cartridge heater, Nexthermal is an industry leader in the manufacture of process electric heating elements. Its products are designed to meet the most stringent tolerances in the industry and offer competitive pricing and short lead times.

Cartridge heaters are highly compact and robust, and they are easy to install. Each heater is made with cartridge heater manufacturer a stainless steel cylindrical tube with a heating wire wound onto a ceramic core. The number of coils varies according to power, and magnesium oxide is added to prevent short circuits. The result is a highly compacted heater that can withstand the most demanding environments.


OMEGALUX(tm) manufactures CIR series cartridge heaters with premium materials to provide long-lasting performance. They are also shock and vibration-resistant. As a result, the OMEGALUX CIR cartridge heaters outperform their competitors.

The cartridge heater has a split sheath design that maximizes heat transfer and lowers power consumption. The heating coil is surrounded by a layer of magnesium oxide. This material improves both the dielectric strength and the heat transfer properties of the heating coil. This structure also ensures stability and strength, preventing bore seizure and ensuring a long lifespan.


FIREROD cartridge heaters are a standard in the industry and have been used in many applications for over 60 years. A FIREROD heater is a high temperature heater designed to apply concentrated heat to metal components. The FIREROD cartridge heater manufacturer focuses on high performance and durability.

The FIREROD manufacturer uses high purity magnesium oxide insulation to increase the dielectric strength of the cartridge heater. This enables the heater to reach operating temperatures faster. Another benefit is the alloy 800 sheath, which resists corrosion. In addition, the minimum space between the element wire and the sheath allows the design to use fewer heaters.