How to Choose Vegan Makeup

Finding vegan makeup isn’t an easy task. There are many types available, but the key is to choose the right ones based on their ingredients. Here are some things to look for: Animal-derived ingredients, Squalene, and Performance. You might also want to look for cosmetics that have been tested by dermatologists.

Animal-derived ingredients

When shopping for makeup, it is important to avoid animal-derived ingredients. They are abundant throughout the beauty industry, and many of them are hidden from consumers. For example, you cannot tell whether an eyeliner is vegan unless you look at the label. The good news is that there are many cruelty-free alternatives to animal-derived ingredients.

Many makeup products contain lanolin, a type of grease derived from sheep wool. This ingredient is common in makeup and is often found in hair-care products. However, the ingredient is not vegan. Sheep suffer a number of mistreatments before they’re harvested for their wool. Some sheep even undergo horrific practices, such as mulesing.


Squalene is a common ingredient in skin care products, including sunscreen, lipsticks, and bath oil. While it can be derived from plant and animal sources, most of the world’s squalene is derived from shark liver oil. Shark liver oil is a high-fat, greasy substance that contributes to skin hydration. Sharks are slow-growing, but they are highly vulnerable to overfishing. Luckily, many cosmetics companies have made the transition to plant-derived squalene.

As animal-free concerns grow, companies are starting to look for alternatives. Instead of sourcing shark-derived squalene, look for a makeup product that is certified Vegan. ThisĀ ENT in Bakersfield will ensure that no animals have been harmed in the process of making the product.

Tested by dermatologists

When it comes to choosing makeup, it’s important to look for products that are dermatologist-tested. This ensures that the ingredients in a product will not harm your skin. It also ensures that the color payoff and performance of the product won’t be compromised. If you have sensitive skin, it’s important to find a product that’s been dermatologist-tested to help ensure that it’s gentle and effective.

A vegan makeup product is one that contains no animal-derived ingredients. It’s also not tested on animals, so you can rest assured that it won’t cause any harm to your skin. In addition to being tested by dermatologists, these products are more natural and contain fewer chemicals and foreign substances that can damage your skin.


Developed by Tiila Abbitt, Vegan Again makeup products use plant-derived ingredients instead of animal-derived ingredients. The brand also sources ingredients from organic and fair-trade suppliers, and uses 100% recyclable packaging. Each of their ingredients is certified organic, and their manufacturing processes are based on sustainable practices.


A great line of vegan makeup products is Aether beauty, which is owned by Tiila Abbitt. The line uses only plant-derived ingredients, as well as synthetic but sustainable ingredients. Aether beauty sources its ingredients from suppliers who practice fair trade and organic standards, and it uses 100% recyclable packaging. All of its makeup products are also free of animal byproducts.