Online Staff Training for Busy Managers and Business Owners

Online staff training is the perfect solution for busy managers and business owners. But before you choose a program, it is important to identify who your target audience is. For example, a small team will need different training than a senior staffer. Knowing this will help you decide the number of modules and how long the course should last.

ACA’s virtual learning portfolio

The ACA’s virtual learning portfolio for staff and management training online includes in-depth courses, live webinars, and customizable materials. It also offers management tools that are designed to streamline training. Many of these courses include certifications for staff and managers. The courses are specifically designed for youth development professionals and those who work in out-of-school time and summer learning environments.


Thinkific is a software solution for businesses that need to develop online staff training courses. The site offers courses that can be purchased as standalone products, but they are also linked together to provide a multi-faceted learning environment. The service allows business owners to free up valuable time by transferring the training process to the internet.

Thinkific allows users to build unlimited courses. They can customize course player and preview their customized schools. They can also manage reviews for a course.

Camp Sequoia

Camp Sequoia is an overnight summer camp for boys. The goal of this camp is to help campers grow socially and become their best selves. It is the first camp in North America to focus on a specific population of campers. The training that is offered online helps staff members develop the skills that staff training online will benefit the campers.

Erica has been with the Camp Sequoia family for nine years. She has held a number of roles at the camp, most recently serving as Program Director. She is a lover of animals, the outdoors, and learning new things. Her studies in anthropology led her to a passion for bringing people of different backgrounds together. She spent several summers in the education system, as well as a youth group coordinator and tutor.

Gap employee help system

Rather than rely on a traditional training course, Gap, Inc. uses a high-tech, “learn-as-you-go” online staff training system. This program provides on-the-spot training for employees, and the system allows them to solve routine issues on their own.

Camp Sequoia’s on-the-spot training

Camp Sequoia is an overnight summer camp for young men with ADHD and similar diagnoses. Its two-to-five staff-to-camper ratio ensures that campers get the attention they need to thrive. The camp also offers a variety of activities to help campers develop independence and confidence.

During the summer, campers live in dorms and work with their age group. Because of the small number of campers, there is great support from all levels. Staff members are trained to work as a team and are highly flexible. Additionally, they are provided with excellent meals and a travel allowance. In addition, they are eligible to become clinical faculty and receive extra training in treating the needs of the special population.