What is the safest surface to use under playground equipment?

Wet pour safety surfacing is an impact attenuating rubber flooring that’s a popular choice in schools to transform their playgrounds into safe and fun spaces for children. This durable and long-lasting surfacing is made of a mixture of rubber granules and a binder, allowing it to cushion falls up to 3 metres and reduce the risk of serious injuries, especially head trauma. The surfacing is available in a variety of colours and patterns to create a creative and engaging space for kids, and is also ideal for adding design features and marking out different play zones within the playground.

The process of installing a wetpour safety surfacing involves removing the existing ground covering and preparing the base. Once the surface is ready, a layer of binder and rubber granules are then applied. This is then allowed to dry, resulting in a solid rubber play area surface that’s suitable for use with equipment and can be decorated with bespoke graphics and designs. Wetpour is a popular choice for school playgrounds, but it’s also used in sports facilities and public parks to provide a safe, soft, and colourful playing area.

It’s important to remember that although wetpour is non-slip, it may become slippery if water is poured on it or if chemicals are used on the surface. The good news is that, unlike wood chips, wetpour can be safely used with any play equipment. Furthermore, contrasting wetpour colours can be used to clearly define the boundaries of different activity zones – which is particularly beneficial for Special Educational Needs (SEN) pupils who rely on visual aids and prompts to guide them.

Lastly, wetpour is a highly sustainable option as it’s predominantly made from recycled rubber. This not only helps to protect the environment but also saves on expensive and scarce materials such as asphalt and concrete. Furthermore, the surfacing’s porous structure ensures efficient drainage, reducing puddle formation and improving stormwater management.

As well as being a durable, long-lasting and safe surface, wetpour is very easy to clean. It can be hosed down or cleaned with a power washer, however, it is essential to dilute the cleaning solution with Benz Lightning Cleanze before use as high concentrations of chemical can damage the surface. Alternatively, regular drenching with clean water will also do a great job of rinsing the surface and keeping it clean.